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    Alrajeh Factory for Chemical Detergents was established after the founder had read a verse in the Holy Quran that rarely attracts much attention which stated:  “Whosoever desires the reward of the Hereafter world, (let him know that) with Allah is the reward of this world and the Hereafter. Allah is All-hearing  All-Seeing.” (4:134)


     Seeking Allah’s Providence, the founder set out to distinguish himself with the two qualifications that Allah loves most in a good worker, as all humans on Earth are His servants; which are competency and trustworthiness as a practical commitment to our motto. Thus was the resounding success of Alrajeh Factory as guided by the compassionate Providence of the All the Almighty, striking an example of the inevitability of Allah’s promise in (He who seeks Allah’s guidance by guarding against evil and enduring in perseverance will find that Allah will not lay waste the rewards of the kindly.) Quran 12:90

From the beginning, our goal was, and still is, to provide people good quality detergents at a reasonable price. Inspired by and committed to the words of Allah, we maintained our motto of competency and trustworthiness.  (The best you could ever hire is the strong, the trustworthy.)

·         In 1986, our factory started in a modest way manufacturing soap from olive oil.  Its founder, Zuhair Muhammad Rajeh Yousef Dwaikat, had already graduated as a chemical engineer from Jordan University in 1983.  He, by the Grace of Allah, was able to meet the local market’s demand of the various types of detergents like shampoos, dishwashing liquids in economy packages, tile and bathroom detergents, chlorine bleach, and washer detergents.  Today, the factory occupies a well-kept, two-story building occupying about 1,300 square meters. By the grace of Allah, we recently were able to add additional space by purchasing an adjacent plot bringing up the total area of the factory to 1900 square meters.

·         Between 2004 – 2006, the factory has been able to add a new unit for producing the special plastic containers used by the factory. This was designed to solve the problem of counterfeiting of Alrajeh's products which harms the factory and its consumers alike. This new unit satisfies about 80% of the factories demand for plastic containers.

·         Alrajeh Factory added new type of detergents and develop the existing types to cover the wide range of detergent demand by the local markets.

·         The factory’s marketing policies are based on competency with conscience where our customers, wholesalers, store owners and consumers, can easily see our commitment to honesty, fair competition, and shunning over-aggressive marketing methods while maintaining incentives for all. Our policy of fairness in dealing with our vendors and customers, by the Grace of Allah, had earned us the respect of all and gave us a name that had become an example of the inevitability of success as a sure consequence to Allah’s command to calling for honesty and perseverance.


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